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– Manjit Singh (Chairman)

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

It’s been 30 glorified years and still, our sole aim is to achieve better results and higher goals while catering for the needs of every discerning palate, be it in India or across the globe. I sincerely believe that there is no end to success, and that is well reflected in our ideas and methodologies that have stood the test of time. Also, we are, more than ever, putting special emphasis on Team Building, Corporate Governance, Brand Building and investment in the latest technologies so that we could provide a tasty treat to you every time.

Today, Bonn has carved out a respected place for itself. Our journey has just begun and there are still many milestones to be surpassed.



– Jatinder Singh (Director)

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but, a habit.”

Being a part of this dynamic group for two decades now, I am privileged to contribute to Bonn’s growth story. We, at Bonn, have always been driven by the desire to continuously improving our products and processes so that we could come up with new and better products for our valued customers. 

Whether establishing the first Automated Food Processing Unit of North India in 1994 or being the first in India to start production of cookies on an industrial scale, we swear by the spirit of excellence in our business operations.

At Bonn, our utmost desire has been to exceed the expectations of customers by our delectable offerings. Therefore, we keep on having an exciting blend of innovations and technical upgradations to meet up global standards. It is the recognition of our non-stop commitment to providing quality food products that today BONN has been established as a quality brand and has exceptional reach in the household of North India.
Our key responsibilities at Bonn are to manufacture, package, transport and distribute the best quality products that bring the taste of happiness to everyone’s life.

– Jatinder Singh (Director)



– Amrinder Singh (Director)

As Bonn moves into its 30th year, I feel thrilled to be a part of this illustrious legacy.

Being an alumnus of Essex University, UK and Regent’s University, London in the stream of business and marketing management  I have always believed that a product may belong to a company but the brand always belongs to the customer. The world has become a ‘global village’ and has been more vocal towards the ‘the consumer is king’ approach. We take pride in the fact that with our business being continuously expanding both domestically and globally, we have managed to delight each and every customer of ours with quality food products and services.

We are using Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy which is customer-centric and result-oriented. Our focus on innovation and continuous improvement helps us partner with our customers. Bonn is moving strongly in the right direction and making a strong foothold in the domestic as well as global market. We are delivering a unique combination of Research, Planning, Ideation and Execution to create a strong brand.

– Amrinder Singh (Director)