About Us
Vision & Mission
Bringing joy to all our customers and delivering the best food products while sustaining healthy lives.

Simply put we are committed to ‘Making Every Day more of a Healthy Eating’ and constantly aim to deliver outstanding value to our end customers by sourcing the best materials, maintaining the highest manufacturing standards, and stringent quality checks. Behind everything our prerorgative has been to be 100% committed to quality and innovation. We shall endeavor to foster a culture of excellence among our workforce to make quality products, ensuring lasting relationships with our extended family of distributors, and business associates.
Our Four Main Strengths

We have invested heavily in our operational infrastructure to ensure that we continue to produce premium quality products that are good value for money.

We continue to invest significantly in our Power Brands to ensure that we are leading the way in the bread & biscuit market place. New and innovative products such as ‘Bourbonn’ and ‘Black Jack’ becoming the most preferred chocolate biscuits portfolio means that our share of innovation in the biscuit category is much greater than that of our competitors.

In recent years we have become a much more agile business and can respond quickly to changes in the marketplace, on both at corporate and brand level.

Over the past year, we’ve significantly extended and enhanced our distribution capabilities through partnerships with some of India’s leading retailers. Further exciting plans are in place which will allow us to realize our ambitious international expansion plans.

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