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The Visionary- Mr. Manjit Singh

It is said that “someone who dreams cannot be forced to stop.” Mr. Manjit Singh is a sheer example of that, a man who envisioned of delivering nation’s best products, is now emerging as leader, providing products that are not only rich in quality but also growing immense popularity across an ever- growing network of consumers. It’s been 25 enduring years of success & perfection; and BONN has never looked back. With the motto of “Nurturing Lives Nourishing India” it is on a verge of making its products an integral part of your daily appetizing needs.

A Definite Past To Conquer Future

The inception of BONN took place in 1985 at Ludhiana, when a limited liability company entered the food market with a single traditional oven, consuming just 5 bags of flour per day. Sooner it received recognition amongst the local distributors for its superior quality of breads and established a significant name in the rural ‘Mandis’ of Ludhiana. Since then the company has never looked back and never compromised on its quality service even though the products were circulated only at Punjab’s grass root level and always adhered on delivering to highest standards of service, dedication and quality as they always believed that the quality is the key that defines one’s image and perception in the market.

Soon, we made a shift from the Traditional Oven to a Rotary Rack, and within 2 more years, the number of Rotary Racks had increased to 3, consuming 80-90 bags of flour per day.
Committed To Excellence Since, 1985
  • In 1994, came up with the first Automated Food Processing Unit of North India – Bonn Nutrients
  • In 1995, a new brand Prime Time was launched (High Volume bread – a first in India)!
  • In 2000, to meet an ever increasing demand, a second Automated Food Processing Unit was brought up which produced 50,000 loaves of bread every day
  • Leading regional player of North India, with impressive distribution network and the service grown to a circle of 400km
  • Production up to 2.5 lakh loaves of bread per day and Bonn is also producing 1.5 lakh units of other Bakery items on a daily basis
  • First in India to start production of cookies on an industrial scale
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