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Tasty tips for a healthy you
Introduce Cashew Butter Cookies to your daily meal
Cashew flavoured biscuits are perfect ingredient to nourish your hair and skin health. Also, the presence of butter, which is a source of vitamin K2, helps prevent tooth decay, thus resulting in strong teeth. So, make the best of your day with Bonn Cashew Butter cookies.
Start a wholesome day with Digestive biscuits
Made with the finest wholesome ingredients, that is, whole wheat flour and other wholesome ingredients, digestive biscuits are a rich source of fibre. Fibre rich digestive biscuits help improve blood sugar levels of people with diabetes.
Get the best of taste and health with almond flavoured Crac Nuts
An excellent combination of two healthy nuts in almond and cashew, you are in for a healthy treat. The flavonoids in almond works wonderfully well with vitamin E and subsequently reduce the risk of heart disease and overweight issue.
Add multigrains to your diet
The nutritious blend of multigrains in wheat, barley, gram, soya flour, sunflower seeds and oats provide you energy for a longer period of time. Thus, stay healthy and active with MultiGrain bread as it not only fights against sickness and infection, but also strengthens your immunity system.
Take a healthy break with Milk Shortcake
Relish the nutritional and tasty combination of milk and cakes with Milk Shortcakes. A rich source of protein, these delightfully sweet offerings gives you much needed strong bones and teeth.
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